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The CRD Perinatal Counselling Program provides personalized intake and funded clinical counselling services for eligible new and expecting parents when they are experiencing a clinical depression, anxiety or mood adjustment disorder. 

Typically, we provide individual counselling to a mother or couples counselling to both parents.

Our services cover the perinatal period that starts with pregnancy and continues until 9 months after the baby is born. Services include:

  • prenatal counselling
  • postpartum counselling
  • perinatal grief and loss counselling

Each service is introduced below.

During Pregnancy

Prenatal counselling

We provide prenatal counselling for expecting moms and parents who experience depression, anxiety or an adjustment disorder before the birth of their new baby.

For some, one or more counselling sessions may be provided after the baby’s birth. That is, during the postpartum period.

After Birth

Postpartum counselling

We provide postpartum counselling is provided to eligible moms and parents who experience depression, anxiety or an adjustment disorder up to 9 months after the birth of their baby.

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Perinatal loss

Grief & loss counselling

We provide perinatal grief, loss and bereavement counselling for eligible moms and parents after a still birth, infant loss, late-term miscarriage or a miscarriage after multiple miscarriages.

This is a relatively small part of our program services. But having the guidance of a clinical counsellor can help navigate the emotions that well up. When life goes in an unexpected direction, grief and loss counselling can provide near- and long-term benefits for the maternal and paternal mental health in a family.

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HOW MANY sessions do parents get?

The number of perinatal counselling sessions will vary from parent to parent based on their particular circumstances and counselling needs. Counsellors will determine the number of sessions that may be provided as the counselling progresses with a parent or couple.

What services are not provided?

  • Counselling for postpartum blues. This condition is widely experienced after birth, and it typically resolves without professional help.
  • Emergency mental health services for severe conditions like postpartum psychosis. If you are in distress, call the BC Crisis Line at 310-6789 (no area code is needed).
  • Counselling on decisions regarding an unplanned pregnancy or a complex pregnancy.


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