Counselling For Parents

care for parents

What We do

Private Care for parents

The CRD Perinatal Counselling Program is a private mental health program that delivers funded counselling to new and expecting parents in the Greater Victoria area. The Program is operated with charitable dollars from generous, local donors provide. The services we deliver lets eligible mothers and fathers access private counselling when needed and beneficial in the formative perinatal period.

Who We Serve

New & Expecting Parents

We provide counselling and therapy to pregnant and postpartum mothers and their partners. We provide our services when parents need and can benefit from them, but cannot afford them.

As well, we provide perinatal grief and loss counselling. This is for parents when a major loss occurs before after birth.

Babies change us in unexpected ways.
Why We do this work

Baby Care begins with parent Care

Our services promote a healthy start for families with new babies in our community. How? By helping parents address their mental health challenges when they get triggered or come up in the perinatal period.

We are here for you because we care about you and every member of your family.

Who We are connected with

Primary Care Providers

We connect with primary care providers in Greater Victoria who refer their eligible patients for counselling.

This website is for health professionals who refer new and expecting parents to our program for counselling and therapy.

We deliver mental health care for the parents you serve.
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“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.”

— Linda Wooten, author of “A Mother’s Thoughts”